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Brynn Evans

Brynn (@brynn) is obsessed with the intersection of social networks and human behavior. At first she shunned social psychology, finding real joys in neuroscience and dissecting brains. But after a 6-year stint as a neuropsychologist, she switched to understanding how people act and behave (with each other!) in the real world. And when Digg and Facebook and Twitter entered the scene, her work dovetailed again into social interaction design. Today she’s the Social Interaction Lead and UX Researcher at Bolt | Peters.

In her free time, Brynn enjoys drawing comics and overbooking herself with community events. She runs the Overlap SF meetups and gives out mini-grants to awesome local projects with the Awesome Foundation in SF. She’s a judge and advisor to the betacup design competition, which deals with the growing problem of drinking (too much) coffee out of non-recyclable paper cups. Brynn gives talks and workshops on social search, and if you get her talking, she won’t shut up about her love for Japanese green tea.

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