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Amanda O'Grady

Amanda O’Grady is a design strategist at Intuit where she brings emotion into the design and development process to deliver product experiences that feel magical and meaningful.

As a leader of strategic innovation programs for Intuit’s Design, Innovation and Growth team, her job is to make messy problems simple. By embedding with product teams she ensures each program goes beyond a clear story and makes a tangible impact on the product.

Amanda splits her time between San Francisco, CA and Sun Valley, ID. She is happiest growing food in her garden, cooking and exploring the world with her husband and daughters. Follow her on Twitter: @amandamogrady.

Forging real emotional connections between customers and your designs requires more than just delight, it takes guts.

Article by Amanda O'Grady
Share:Designing with Emotion Means Being Brave
7 min read

Products and services that build deeper connections with customers are the result of a design process infused with emotion.

Article by Amanda O'Grady
Share:Stop Sprinkling Emotion, Start Creating Magic and Meaning
10 min read

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