UX Magazine and Wiley are giving away five copies of Greg Nudelman’s new book, Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success. To read an article by the author and download a sample chapter from the book, check out the UX Magazine article about the book.

We'd like to hear your answer to this question:

Most of our articles are educationally or analytically focused, but we could diversify the type of content we publish. For example, we plan to create a new section dedicated to reviews of products and solutions to UX challenges. Are there any other kinds of content you would like to see UX Magazine publish?

There are three ways to enter the contest:

Via Twitter

  • Make sure you're following UX Magazine on Twitter.
  • Create a tweet that says, "Hey @uxmag, I'd like <your answer>. Do I win a copy of 'Designing Search’? http://uxm.ag/l6".
  • Replace the blank with your response to the question. Make sure to keep the rest of the tweet the same.
  • Publish the tweet.

Via Facebook

Via Email Subscription

Note: If, and only if, you've already subscribed via email, you can enter this giveaway by emailing your answer to giveaways@uxmag.com.

Five winners will be chosen at random from amongst the valid entries. The giveaway ends on Friday, September 2nd.