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Win a Collection of Useful Prototyping Tools

by UX Magazine Staff
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In connection with today’s article Better Use of Paper in UX Design, UXPin has partnered with UX Magazine to run a giveaway of some useful tools for paper prototyping. To enter, just follow the instructions below and answer our question.

The Question

Ever since we launched our new UX-focused jobs board, we’ve been interested in learning more about the UX job market. So the question we’re asking for this giveaway is:

What department or executive owns, supervises, or is responsible for UX in your organization?

This will give a sense of where the UX jobs are, how many people are working for agencies, and whether UX is still largely housed in marketing or IT, or whether progress is being made toward elevating it to a stronger position.

The Prizes Items

Three winners will be selected from among all the entries. Prizes consists of UXPin products:

Web Kit for Web and Mobile Design

UXPin paper prototyping web kit for web and mobile design

UXPin paper prototyping kits for rapid development of websites and mobile apps ideas. Each kit consists of generic UI elements on unique sticky notes, notepads with paper templates of browsers and mobile phones, forms for definition of design problems and personas, and special gridded paper for diagrams.

Collaborative Wireframing App

UXPin collaborative wireframing app

The UXPin multiplayer wireframing app created by UX designers. This product is new, but has already become popular among UX designers as a cloud app for easy, collaborative wireframing done entirely in HTML, CSS, and JS. Create HTML prototypes and review them online with your team!

For more information about UXPin products visit: https://uxpin.com.

The Prize Levels

First Prize

1x UXPin Web Kit, 1x UXPin Mobile Kit, 1x Freelancer’s Friend licence for 6 months of UXPin App (all together, worth more than $220)

Second Prize

1 x UXPin Kit of choice, 1x Freelancer’s Friend licence for 3 months of UXPin App (all together, worth more than $110)

Third prize

1x Freelancer’s Friend licence for 3 months of UXPin App (worth $81)

How to Enter

Via Twitter
    • Make sure you’re following UX Magazine on Twitter, @uxmag.
    • Create a tweet that says, “Hey @uxmag, <your answer> owns #UX here. Do I win a prize? https://uxm.ag/q9”
    • Replace the blank with your response to the question. Make sure to keep the rest of the tweet the same.
    • Publish the tweet.

Note: if we can’t DM you, we can’t let you know if you win, so make sure you’re following us.

Via Facebook

Note: if you win, we will attempt to contact you via Facebook, so make sure you’re checking your messages there or having them forwarded to your email.

Via Email Subscription

Note: If, and only if, you’ve already subscribed via email, you can enter this giveaway by emailing your answer to [email protected].

The contest will end on Friday, March 23rd. Winners must respond within three days of our attempt to contact them or another winner will be selected.

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