If you’re like me, you are constantly looking for the best social media accounts to follow for UX inspiration. Sometimes it’s as benign as a mindless thought, or it’s a link to a great new article published on a UX blog or magazine. Personally, I use Twitter the most for news and networking, while LinkedIn I use primarily when I am searching for my next job opportunity. Facebook can be useful for finding newly-published articles, however I can't be assured I am always seeing them, as Facebook has curtailed publishing to all followers in efforts to keep content focused on close contacts. I use Instagram personally, but it's mostly just browsing photos of friends and family.

This infographic was initially put together in early March 2016 – at time of publish, it is likely already be out of date. However the influencers in these spaces remain tight. I wanted to share out the top accounts for different platforms, so people can discover new sources of material. Sharing is caring!

It was fun putting together an infographic of the top UX social media accounts to follow. Through my research I discovered a slew of new accounts I had been familiar with, and even got me interested in podcasts, a medium which I once thought was quite dead (Thank you, Roman Mars). I no doubt missed some. Just before publishing, I found some significant accounts which I overlooked, and there are likely more. Please feel free to harass me via Twitter (@jgladding74) to tell me about the 200,000-follower account which I overlooked!

Image of social media logotype courtesy of Bloomua / Shutterstock.com.