UX Magazine is at the 2011 IA Summit today through April 3rd to conduct interviews with conference presenters and attendees.

If you're at the conference, or even in the downtown Denver area, stop by our interview set to say hi and, if you want, give your opinion on one of these questions on camera:

  1. How has digital UI design changed the way you think about design as an art form?
  2. Who were your top three inspirations when learning design?
  3. What is the least important popular controversy facing the design community today?
  4. Which technical innovation from the past 10 years is the most disruptive to the field of UI design?
  5. Imagine that for the rest of your life, you can only access one website. Which site would you choose?
  6. How do you define "user experience"?
  7. What's missing in the world that would make products and systems better?
  8. True or false: the user is always right
  9. What experience is required for someone to earn the title of "UX professional"?
  10. When you're working on a project, what do you have to do to get your way?
  11. Has one question or one insight ever changed the course of a project?
  12. What's the most important skill of a UX professional?
  13. In the fight for better experiences, are you winning or losing?
  14. Is marketing the Evil Empire? Why?
  15. What tool or technique can't you live without?

The best answers will be published on our site.