John arrives at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter tells John that he has the unique opportunity to take a look around at Heaven AND Hell and decide where he wants to spend eternity.

John takes a little stroll around Heaven. Nice puffy clouds, people hanging around playing harps, smiling, peaceful. He thinks, “that looks pretty nice” and he hops in the elevator down to Hell.

Stop worrying about the big boys.

The doors open and the devil shows him into a big room… WOW… What a party! People dancing, singing, laughing, having an amazing time.

“Now,” he thinks, “this is the way to spend eternity!”

He jumps back on the elevator and runs to tell St. Peter that while Heaven is certainly lovely. Hell is simply an awesome party and that is his choice.

John jumps back on the elevator and when the doors open he is shocked to see flames all around, people screaming with fear and pain, etc… John quickly runs to find The Devil and says, “What happened? I was just here and it was a giant party… how could this be?”

“Simple,” replies The Devil. “Before you were a prospect; now you’re a client!”

If they are a big company, you better believe they have a whole pitch about how they still provide personal service.

Stop worrying about the big boys. They don’t matter. The sooner you focus on delivering at the intersection where your core purpose meets the core needs of your market the sooner the competition will be irrelevant.