A pre-requisite for a course I am taking is the Kolbe “A” Index test that reveals one’s instinctual abilities. From the site:

“What people can do usually has little in common with what they actually end up doing.”

The reason? People have been taught to ignore their instincts, or worse yet, to fear or hate their instincts.

Ignoring your instincts and failing to appreciate the instincts of others can be disastrous.

When people act according to instinct, their energy is almost inexhaustible – like water running downhill. But, when people are forced to act against their instinct, their energy is rapidly depleted – like water being pumped uphill.”

Obvious? Society seems to think otherwise.

From the very early days of school, to the upper echelons of business, it’s always about focusing on improving our weak points. Rarely is it about celebrating that which makes us great.

Yes. I did say “Great”. Greatness exists in most of us. And a person who doesn’t believe that shouldn’t be in buisness.

If all you care about with your people is their weak spots, you will have a weak company. Forever. Lucky you.

Great companies are filled with great people. The more great the group, the more great the company.

Unlocking that greatness requires a focus on finding out where each persons uniqueness lies and matching their roles to it. The more that happens the greater the power your organization will generate.

And so the same thing applies again: Unique companies are filled with unique people. The more unique the group, the more unique the company.