It’s what the customer wants that counts, follow your gut first, markets are conversations, customers don’t know what they really want, it’s about telling stories, be your own client, etc, etc…

If I grabbed 10 books off of my shelf I could find researched theses on each of the concepts listed above and many more.

At some point, everything old is new again.

I find myself wondering if the “new era” of marketing is quickly becoming the cluttered noise that it is hoping to rise above. The latest fad based on a few case-studies where a different approach proved successful.

It reminds me of similar cycles in food and fashion: carbs are good, carbs are bad, protein only, protein only is bad or ties are wide, ties are narrow, no ties, ties are back, etc…

Is marketing evolving or is it merely moving in a fad like cycle in the same way diets and fashions move in and out of style?

Fad Marketing = Fad Diets = Fashion Trends

Advertising is not as dead as some would think, word of mouth is not the singular answer and blogs are not the only way to go forward.

For all the new ideas being presented in order to find the front edge of the envelope, it is worth noting that the timeless wisdom of the likes of Peter Drucker, Napoleon Hill and Nelson Rockefeller remain highly effective. Follow the teachings of any of these authors today and you will still find success.

As companies accelerate to embrace all these New Marketing ideas, the classics become more surprising, more novel and more effective.

At some point, everything old is new again. Simple beats complicated. Comfort beats confusion.

Retro Marketing is just around the corner…