Feedly is my de facto replacement for Google Reader. It's fast, has awesome keyboard shortcuts, and is quite tenacious and well thought out for a startup.

The app is not without its rough edges, however; and its userbase is quick to point them out. As I write this, they're planning their third major UI overhaul that I know about. The rewrite isn't without warrant, however.

Controlling scrolling and layout behavior on the web can be tricky, and Feedly has fallen into a nasty WTFUX. We expect to scroll the element that is beneath the cursor, first, then (if the developer hasn't guarded against it), the page underneath. Sadly, the behavior of Feedly's site is at first erratic, unless you have some experience with building on the web.

Glossing the particulars, how developers build their websites is very important, because there are always edge cases a particular arrangement of properties can render a well-behaved application completely unusable.