Over the past few years, we’ve heard from a lot of business and hiring managers that they find it hard to find qualified UX professionals and UX-minded businesspeople to fill vacant jobs in their organizations. We’ve also heard from UX pros who say that, in a world where anyone can claim to be able to “do UX,” it’s hard to stand out from throngs of job seekers on high-volume sites such as Monster.com and Indeed.com.

We’re therefore pleased to announce that we’ve launched a new jobs board exclusively for the UX community. We believe that UX Magazine’s strong reputation in and focus on the UX community, coupled with the very high traffic volume our site receives, will mean our jobs board will be valuable to job seekers and employers alike.

You can find our new jobs board by going to uxmag.com/uxjobs, or by clicking “UX Jobs” in the nav bar from anywhere on UX Magazine's website. There are some exciting opportunities already posted. You can also subscribe to alerts of new job postings.

Through March 31st, we're also offering a 25% off discount for your first job posting, or for purchases of any package of postings. Just use the coupon code UXMJobsKickoff at checkout. Please share this discount with anyone who might benefit from it.

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Since 2005, UX Magazine has been a free resource to the UX community. In late 2009, we dramatically stepped up our publishing efforts, publishing a steady stream of high-quality articles each week. To do this, we employ professional editors and project managers, and have significant infrastructure costs, all of which we’ve paid for out of our personal pocketbooks. Advertising revenue doesn’t come anywhere close to covering our costs, so revenue-generating features like our jobs board are essential to UX Magazine’s future.

Even if you personally don’t need to post job advertisements, you can still support us by:

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Current job opportunities on UX Magazine’s jobs site

We’re honored to already have many interesting opportunities from great companies posted on our site:

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If you'd like to be alerted to new UX job opportunities posted on the UX Magazine jobs board but don't want to visit our site each day, we have several subscription options:

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As soon as new jobs are posted, they will be announced on the Twitter account @UXMagJobs. We may periodically list recent job postings through our main Twitter account, @uxmag, but please follow @UXMagJobs for consistent, timely updates.
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