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Article No. 803 March 13, 2012

Wicked Problems: New book from Jon Kolko available free online

I’ve spent years working in a consulting and professional environment with designers, technologists, and business folk who love the professional competency they've built, but constantly bemoan the lack of meaning behind the projects they are working on. We've come far enough in establishing processes and methods for creating successful products and services that we can now afford to as, and to answer, this important question: “What should I work on?”

It was with that question in mind that I wrote my newest book, Wicked Problems: Problems Worth Solving. The book is a call to action for designers, urging us to be more proactive in working on the pressing social and system problems that plague the world. It includes a template curriculum, case studies, and thoughts about the best use of our creative and strategic talent.

The book is available for purchase in print or as an eBook, but also for free online as HTML. Check it out at http://www.wickedproblems.com


User Profile

Jon Kolko is Vice President of Consumer Design at Blackboard; he joined Blackboard with the acquisition of MyEdu, a startup focused on helping students succeed in college and get jobs. Jon is also the Founder and Director of Austin Center for Design. His work focuses on bringing the power of design to social enterprises, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship. He has worked extensively with both startups and Fortune 500 companies, and he's most interested in humanizing educational technology.

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