You may not be job hunting right now, but it’s still interesting to look at recent job postings in aggregate to see where the jobs are, what the positions are called, and what sorts of companies have the openings. And if you know someone who's looking for a change, they might find an opportunity here.

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Associate Director, Product Partnerships
Verizon Wireless - Basking Ridge, NJ
UX Strategist
Verizon Wireless - Basking Ridge, NJ
UX/UI Designer
Verizon Wireless - Basking Ridge, NJ
Senior User Experience Designer
Riot Games - Santa Monica, CA
Senior UX Designer, Multi-User Solutions - Carpinteria, CA
UX Lead, Enterprise & Education - Carpinteria, CA
Senior UX Designer, eCommerce - Carpinteria, CA
Product Designers @ Meetup
Meetup - New York, NY
Sr. UX Designer- Lodging Technology
Expedia, Inc - Bellevue
Interactive Designer
Expedia, Inc. - San Francisco, CA
Sr. Visual UI Designer
Expedia, Inc. - Bellevue, WA
Product UX Designer
BrightEdge Technologies Inc. - San Mateo, CA
User Experience Strategist
DIRECTV - Los Angeles, CA
Experience Director
Huge Inc - Brooklyn, NY
Interaction Designer - - Chicago, IL
Product/UX Designer
Massive Health - San Francisco, CA
Interactive Designer - Studio environment
Accenture - Chicago, IL
UX Designer/Product Manager
kettle - New York, NY
UI/UX Designer for Funded Startup
Engagio - Toronto, ON, Canada
Director, User Experience
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Usability Specialist/Web Design
Sabre - Bethesda, MD
Motion UX Designer
Propel London - Espoo or Oulu, Finland
Senior Visual Interaction Designer
Propel London - Espoo or Oulu, Finland
Senior Interaction Designer
New York, NY
Sr Cross-Channel Experience Architect
Macquarium Intelligent Communications - Charlotte, NC
UX UX Senior Designer
NEOGOV - El Segundo, CA
Lead Experience Architect (Sr. Interaction Designer)
EffectiveUI - Denver, CO or New York
Mobile UX Designer
EffectiveUI - Seattle, WA
UX Designer
Thumbtack - San Francisco, CA
Senior Interactive Designer
Manhattan, NY
Senior Experience Designer
Centare - Brookfield, WI
Mobile User Experience Lead
EffectiveUI - Denver, CO
Web/UI Designer - Houston, TX
UI/UX Interactive Designer - Mobile applications
WhaleShark Media - Austin, TX
UX Designer
WhaleShark Media - Austin, TX
Visual Designer
WhaleShark Media - Austin, TX
UX Developer
Miratech Holdings, Inc - Austin, TX
Web & Mobile UX Strategist
NEW Customer Service - Burnaby, BC, Canada
Senior Interaction Designer
Akendi - Ottawa, ON, Canada
Senior UX Designer
YehIdeology - New York, NY
User Experience Researcher for a Small Software Company
Custody X Change Inc. - Draper, UT
Interactive Design Specialist
ISMIE Mutual Insurance Company - Chicago, IL
Associate UX Director
Local Wisdom, Inc - Princeton Junction, NJ
User Experience Practitioner
Covenant Eyes - Owosso, MI
UX/UI Designer
Confluenc, Inc - Madison WI
Driector of User Experience
ShoeDazzle - Santa Monica, CA

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