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Wearable technology can’t reach its full potential until it provides valued services without being obtrusive and causing the users extraneous learning pains.

Article by Pallavi Sharma
Share:What Will It Take to Make Your Grandma’s Wearable?
6 min read

In the wake of a new implementation of brain-computer interface headgear, we asked three UX Magazine contributors about the trajectory of wearable technology.

Article by UX Magazine Staff
Share:Wear Are We?
5 min read

By running Spotify through a usability test, one avid user was able to find some relatively easy fixes that could make for a more intuitive and rewarding experience.

Article by Lin Wang
Share:I Love You, Spotify … Now Change
5 min read

Understanding when and how to apply lean and agile methods is key to their success.

Article by Zack Naylor
Share:A Call for Quality
5 min read

By mitigating the feeling in users of being watched and judged, you can get better data from testing sessions—especially when working with kids.

Article by Nick Shim
Share:Building a Rapport with Kids for User Testing
3 min read

A survey of Digital Natives reveals a group of impatient users with fragmented attention spans who demand fast and intuitive products and services.

Article by Saskia Schippers, Meike Mak
Share:Creating Outstanding Experiences for Digital Natives
4 min read

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