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A survey of eight design elements that are going away or gone points the way to a smoother and more unified canvas for experience designers to work on.

Share:Goodbye to 8 Design Elements Whose Time has Come
6 min read

Realizing the need for a reference tool that could validate design decisions with stakeholders, the team at ZURB created Quips, a growing vault of quotable statistics.

Share:Unlocking the Power of Data-Driven Design
4 min read

How the traits of persuasive technology can make learning Ruby more engaging for students.

Share:Learning Programming by Persuasion
6 min read

Building wireframes in HTML and CSS gives you tremendous flexibility when testing and coding your product.

Share:Ditch Traditional Wireframes
10 min read

A discussion amongst thought leaders from eBay, Discovery Channel, Google, and Adobe.

Share:Failing Fast: Getting Projects Out of the Lab
12 min read

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