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Location-Based Services

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As radio frequency identification tags become more cost effective, a smart fridge might emerge that is able to take full advantage of the Internet of Things

Article by Avi Itzkovitch
Share:The Internet of Things and the Mythical Smart Fridge
12 min read

A Cartesian preoccupation with a product’s properties prevents seeing designs in context of a user’s deeply personal world, à la Heidegger.

Article by Jeff Doemland
Share:What are Users Up to When they Have an Experience?
7 min read

An experimental project for DrupalCon Portland becomes an opportunity to create a whimsical and useful event app that users will still remember after the conference ends.

Article by Beth Burghardt
Share:Hey, Event Apps: Why So Serious?
5 min read

When it comes to privacy issues, you need to build trust with users—here are seven actions that engender transparency and control.

Article by Ilana Westerman
Share:7 Actions that Earn User Trust
6 min read

The experience of shopping will change as emerging technologies alter the way products are packaged and presented to consumers.

Article by Bryan Goodpaster
Share:Packaging as Media and the Future of Customer Experience
7 min read

A study of North American consumers shows that users are comfortable sharing their personal information when they know exactly how it will be used and shared, and are given control over when they are releasing it.

Article by Ilana Westerman
Share:Control and Transparency
7 min read

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