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With gamification continuing to grow in popularity as a way to engage users, the new book Gamification at Work lays out the five steps of “player centered design.”

Share:Five Steps to Enterprise Gamification
7 min read

Learn more about UX strategy at UX STRAT 2013, September 9 through 11 at the Georgia Tech Learning Center in Atlanta.

Share:UX STRAT 2013: A Conference For UX Leaders
6 min read

Building a bridge between the disparate experiences of IT administrators and end users can improve UX in enterprise software.

Share:Rethinking Enterprise UX in the Age of Consumerization
5 min read

The best UIs get out of the way and let the experience shine—clear design standards make such interface designs possible.

Share:Design Standards Let the Interface Disappear Behind the Experience
6 min read

Despite some confusing and often counter-intuitive task navigation, Asana has freed users from the typlical constraints of project management software.

Share:Review: Asana—Breaking Open the Cage
7 min read

By combining user-centric and graphic design, two major U.S. car-makers could have saved themselves tons and tons of money.

Share:Automotive at the UX Roulette Wheel
8 min read

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