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Westley Knight

User Experience Designer | Westley Knight Ltd

With over 20 years experience working in web and digital, both as a developer and a designer, Westley helps teams to design and build user-centred experiences across any platform, and has done in almost every industry you can imagine. Westley has a passion for sharing his experience and knowledge directly by integrating with multi-disciplinary teams, or to a wider audience by speaking at conferences, and writing articles. His book “UX for Developers” (Apress, 2018) aims to close the gap between designers and developers and integrate user-centred practices in day-to-day development work.

If we want to design things that are easy to understand as well as easy to use, we should have an understanding of how we perceive and organize the world around us.

Article by Westley Knight
Share:How to be a better designer by understanding human perception
5 min read

Based on my own experience, here are the 5 things you need to have in your portfolio to stand a chance of success.

Article by Westley Knight
Share:5 things hiring managers are looking for in your UX portfolio
6 min read

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