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Viraj Joshi

Viraj is a designer, technologist, and futurist, who produces both design and fiction with great affinity towards our technological futures. His work explores physical-digital interactions, speculative design and futures, and emerging technology, and has received several international accolades, including an exhibition at the Science Museum, London; and another with the United Nations DPPA. He works at Fjord, London after 2+ years at Fjord, Stockholm. He is also a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art. He has graduated from Royal College of Art (MA), and Imperial College, London (MSc) in 2018.

Speculating ‘Metaverse’ Interactions With Eliza – The Ghost in Every Machine
  • “Eliza — The Ghost in Every Machine” is a weekly cartoon about a machine consciousness trying to understand our world, as it finds itself in increasingly prominent places every day. Eliza has over 50 cartoons now.
  • Eliza shows us what interactions in the future might look like. Eliza is an effort in prototyping human-machine interactions through fiction.
  • This article explores possible future interactions with the ‘metaverse’.
  • The author believes that living a great chunk of our lives in an avatar-infested space is just escapism.
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“Speculating ‘metaverse’ interactions with Eliza — The Ghost in Every Machine”

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