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Tracy Brown

Tracy started as a digital designer in London during the late 90’s. “It was a great time to start because you had to do so much: graphic design, front end development, content development, Information Architecture etc. The methodologies weren’t formalised, and mostly we just had to take chances and figure stuff out as we went. Good old trial and error!” Since then she has worked within agencies, corporate institutions, charities and with small business owners, picking up rich information about users and stakeholders, the creative process and the not so creative process.

Her relatively diverse background in creative direction, visual design and front end development makes her a (proud) generalist. “Sometimes I get to work with specialists, working to create intuitive, elegant interfaces and experiences that a business can be proud of and that their customers can enjoy. I help enterprises of all varieties to think about how to create experiences that are useful to their customers before they attempt to make them usable. I am always looking for different tools and methods, with the main aim of helping people to get to the crux.”

Our ability to find the underlying problems puts experience designers in a unique position to bring positive change to healthcare efforts on a global scale.

Article by Tracy Brown
Share:Five Tips for Experience Designers Working to Improve Healthcare Innovation
6 min read

Keeping the user at the center of developer-led projects requires empowering your team to think like the user.

Article by Tracy Brown
Share:Five Principles for Accommodating User Needs In Developer-Led Projects
7 min read

The personality types presented by Eastern and Western astrology don’t offer full-blooded user profiles, but they can be a good place to start a research session.

Article by Tracy Brown
Share:What’s Your Sign? The everyday personas in the stars
6 min read

Tools employed by a mighty Russian acting coach can also can also be used to ease clients into an empathetic state.

Article by Tracy Brown
Share:Stanislavski and the Reluctant Stakeholder
7 min read

A branding assignment with a small Scottish cheesemaker provides fertile examples of good user experience doing its thing.

Article by Tracy Brown
Share:UX is for Cheesemakers, Too
8 min read

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