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Sudarshan Sahu

A Senior Product designer who combines Design thinking and Agile methodology to develop empathetic design strategies that transform complex problems into elegant solutions, Specialization in Enterprise Application Design (SaaS), Data Visualization, User Experience, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Conversational / Voice UI, Web Technologies, Digital Marketing & Communication.
My background is visual and interaction design, but my passion towards understanding the human needs and their behavior help me to craft digital experiences, that empower users and boost business growth within the periphery of technical constraints. I believe planning, organizing and optimizing are the three core pillars of design along with human empathy.

An ultimate guide to conversational UX (CUX). Conversational UX principles.

Article by Sudarshan Sahu
Conversational Design
  • The author defines “conversational UX as a user experience that combines chat, voice or any other natural language-based technology to mimic a human conversation.”
  • The author looks at the following conversational UX Principles:
    •  Affordances
    • Signifiers
    • Feedback
  • Conversational user interface & principles:
    • Cooperative Principle (discover hidden intentions)
    • Turn-Taking (give users a space to interact)
    • Context-aware (in context / out of context)
  • While designing virtual assistants, the author suggests taking two things into consideration:
    1. How to set user expectations and educate users about what their assistants can do
    2. How to help these users
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Conversational Design

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