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Steven Cohn

Steven tries hard to be a good father, husband and entrepreneur . He sold his first two companies to LivingSocial and TripAdvisor. Validately is Steven’s third company. Validately’s mission is to help teams build better products. Validately is a rapid user feedback platform. Validately makes it easy and affordable to test prototypes and live sites on customers or potential customers and learn about Demand or Usability BEFORE you code. Try it for free at Validately.com.

Adapting to user feedback in a timely and effective manner can be difficult, so product managers need a framework to process and analyze user engagement.

Article by Max Rosenbaum, Steven Cohn
Share:Take Insights in Stride: Using iterative experiments in product development
5 min read

Running A/B tests using prototypes can save you time and money in the development process while also unearthing potential for innovation.

Article by Nis Frome, Steven Cohn
Share:How Split Testing Validates New Product Concepts without Code
6 min read

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