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Stephanie Gioia

Stephanie leads the consulting practice at XPLANE, a Portland-based business design consultancy that helps large organizations clarify, communicate, and achieve their goals. She also curates a library of card decks and resources for deck designers at deckaholic.com.

Prior to XPLANE, Stephanie worked with IDEO on envisioning the future of design thinking.  Stephanie led process and organizational design programs at the financial services firm UBS and power company AES. Stephanie holds a bachelors degree in history and government from Georgetown University and an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

Card decks are an enduring tool with the power to transform digital and physical experiences by helping designers reorganize their thoughts and inspiring new interfaces

Article by Stephanie Gioia
Share:Card Decks: Tactile Tools for Pattern Finders, Integrative Thinkers, and Inspiration Seekers
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