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I have over 15 years of experience managing Digital products from idea generation through implementation and growth. I have worked with different products across many industries and with organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 10 to Startups and Non Profits. I am currently an independent consultant helping organizations make better product and design decisions to maximize the impact of design. You can find me at

How do you know if there’s still room for improvement?

Law of diminishing returns, design and decision making
How do you know if there is still room for improvement in the experiences you design?
  • The law of diminishing returns, a widely used concept in Economics that shows the relationship between investment (time, money, resources) and benefits can help Designers, UXers and Product Owners/Managers make better design, product and business decisions.
  • The Law of Diminishing returns is a bell curve:
    • Section 1 – curving upwards: is the fastest growing part of the curve, which means that efforts invested provide a more than proportional return.
    • Section 2 – leveling off: along this part of the curve we still see returns on our investment, and will keep decreasing as we approach section 3, as the curve becomes less and less steep.
    • Section 3 – curving downwards: here the slope starts to go down, meaning that our efforts stop having positive returns. This means it doesn’t make sense to keep investing (effort, resources, etc.).
  • Knowing how this curve works and where in the curve your problem lies is key so you don’t invest effort into something that doesn’t make sense to optimize. 

Read the full article to learn more about the different ways that the law of diminishing returns can be applied to design problems.

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