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Sofia Linse

Senior User Experience Researcher | Braze

Sofia Linse is a Senior User Experience Researcher based in New York, formerly Stockholm. She is currently working at the SaaS firm Braze where she conducts generative and evaluative research to inform the company’s Artificial Intelligence and Automation products. Previous to Braze, she worked as a Senior Researcher at the Swedish consulting firm Prime/United Minds, helping clients like Ikea, Ericson, and Electrolux gain user insights and identify new market opportunities.

How can we make research insights reach everyone who would actually benefit from them?

4 Ways to expand the impact of UX research across an organization

UX research is successful when results are promptly made available and actionable within the organization. Some common obstacles include tight deadlines and information fatigue. Here are four measures that might help to use UX research insights more effectively:

  1. Reflecting on which team will benefit most from the insights
  2. Delivering them in digestible formats
  3. Actively involving customer-facing departments
  4. Organizing customer feedback

Read the full article to learn about how to use these tips in your next research project.

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