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Sofia Gomes

Product Designer | Imaginary Cloud

I’m a product and service designer, passionate about Scandinavian design and all its forms of collaboration, participation and innovation! At my work I adopt a collaborative and user-centered mindset. This allows me to design meaningful experiences that can bring a true value to people and businesses.

Learn how to address differences in cultural background to design products that provide exceptional customer experience in every corner of the world.

Article by Sofia Gomes
Why cross-cultural design really matters
  • When expanding a product internationally, it is essential to bear in mind users’ cultural background.
  • A close focus on the cultural background can ease the product design process and helps manufacture products that are meaningful for an international audience and reflect the best market practices.
  • It is vital to invest in user research as it allows to identify the potential pitfalls at the early stages and obtain a greater understanding of users’ habits, needs, pain points which often depend on their cultural background.

Read the full article to learn more about designing for different cultural backgrounds.

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