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Sean B. Walter

Sean B. Walter is the Founder and Chief Design Officer at Cybric. Sean has spent the past 20 years specializing in enterprise and consumer interface design and user experience. During this time, Sean has helped grow eight technology startups from very early stage through multiple rounds of venture funding and multiple successful exits.

Prior to founding Cybric, Sean served as Chief Design Officer at CloudHealth Technologies where he led design and implementation of all consumer products, most notably the award-winning policy driven cloud management software.

Further, Sean was a founder and Chief UI Architect at Actifio, where he drove the UI paradigm that led to Actifio’s “Radically Simple” theme and helped grow the company from three to more than 200 employees and over $200 million in venture investment.

Also, Sean held various UI architect positions at Verdasys (now Digital Guardian), Reprise Media, Phase Forward, Ask.com and Mothernature.com.

Sean holds a BSc. In C.I.S. from Bentley College.

Sean lives outside of Boston with his wife and daughter.

Whether developing software in the ecommerce, biotech, storage, or security industries, there are five philosophies that shape an approach to enterprise UX.

Article by Sean B. Walter
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