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Sarah Doody

User Experience Designer & Product Strategist n/a | n/a

Sarah Doody is an NYC based user experience designer and product strategist. She works with startups to help them launch their initial product as well helping companies already in market optimize their user experiences.

Sarah publishes a popular UX newsletter, The UX Notebook. Sign up for free at: www.theuxnotebook.com

Sarah also teaching about user experience, she co-developed and taught General Assembly’s first 12 week UX course. Sarah writes about user experience, design, and technology on her website, www.sarahdoody.com and can be reached on Twitter @sarahdoody.


A survey of common mistakes companies make when working with experience design practitioners provides guidelines for UX success.

Article by Sarah Doody
Share:Fixing Six Mistakes Companies Make when Working with UXers
6 min read

To design a product that fits into the story of users’ lives, try looking at them as characters through the lens of a screenwriter.

Article by Sarah Doody
Share:A Matter of Character: Knowing your users and their stories
7 min read

We can learn a lot about good UX when we slow down, wander aimlessly, and observe the world around us.

Article by Sarah Doody
Share:The Flâneur Approach to User Experience Design
7 min read

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