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Sara Fortier

CEO/founder | Outwitly Inc.

Sara Fortier is the CEO of Outwitly Inc., a woman-owned UX and service design consultancy based in Canada that helps clients create better products and services across diverse sectors. Sara has 12+ years of experience in UX design and research including 4 years in Silicon Valley. She has grown Outwitly into a multi-million-dollar organization and has delivered exceptional experiences serving big government and Fortune 500 clients including Apple, Microsoft, Telus and AT&T.

Article by Sara Fortier
7 Steps to Better Customer Experience (CX)
  • The article emphasizes the significance of exceptional customer experience and its impact on business success, outlining seven crucial steps to improve customer experience, from understanding the customer journey to refining and iterating the process.
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Tips on how to champion HCD and design research to stakeholders and get them on board with all of your UX processes.

Article by Sara Fortier
How to Champion HCD and Design Research to Stakeholders
  • The article covers:
    • The importance of stakeholder management
    • Challenges to overcome with research resisters
    • Common objections to doing user research and how to respond
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How to Champion HCD and Design Research to Stakeholders

If you’re a tech-led company, chances are you’re experiencing growth at an incredible rate these days. Are you hiring in a way that’s going to strategically improve your products and services? Is there a cohesive experience for your customers across touch points? Are you pausing long enough to ensure that all the late nights, pressure, and quick feature releases are actually working? Or is your organization operating as the proverbial chicken with its head cut-off?

Article by Sara Fortier
Growing Pains of the Booming Tech Industry
  • Although there are immense opportunities for tech companies to grow nowadays, many experience four types of challenges.
  • Typical growing pains concern the management of multiple digital products simultaneously, team composition, releases frequency, lack of UX research.
  • The solutions range from creating guiding experience principles to investing more in UX research.
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