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Sanskriti Ayyar

MBA Candidate | INSEAD

Sanskriti is an experience design strategist, based out of San Francisco. Her design career has been in both consulting and in-house, at organizations like Cooper and Square. She brings a keen interest in people and their motivations, with a dose of blue-sky thinking, warmth, and practicality, to help organizations create intuitive products, services, and practices.

With the belief that design is at the core of business, she is spending the year in Singapore and France, pursuing her MBA at INSEAD.

In her spare time, you can find her making fresh pasta and staring longingly at other people’s dogs.

Success is now measured by how we ease the human experience of the crisis, making human-centered approaches to problem solving all the more relevant.

Article by Sanskriti Ayyar
Share:COVID-19: 5 Human-Centered Design Principles to Guide Leaders in a Crisis
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