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Robb Wilson is the CEO and co-founder of OneReach.ai, a leading conversational AI platform powering over 1 billion conversations per year. He also co-authored The Wall Street Journal bestselling business book, Age of Invisible Machines. An experience design pioneer with over 20 years of experience working with artificial intelligence, Robb lives with his family in Berkeley, Calif.

This AiThority Guest post is co-authored by OneReach.ai‘s Director of Creative Content Josh Tyson.

Article by Robb Wilson
5 Unintelligent AI Strategies to Ditch Immediately
  • The article dissects common but counterproductive AI strategies, urging businesses to navigate the AI landscape strategically for sustained relevance and success.
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People who find ways to combine their knowledge and experience with AI-enabled tools will always have work waiting for them.

Article by Robb Wilson
5 Surprising Jobs That Won’t Get Eliminated By AI
  • The article explores how AI is transforming the job landscape but highlights five types of jobs that won’t be eliminated by AI, emphasizing the importance of human interaction, contextual understanding, and creativity in these roles.
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OpenAI’s powerful large language model has accelerated the path toward AI integration and changed the parameters for getting there.

Article by Robb Wilson
Four Critical Ways GPT-4 is Impacting Enterprise AI Adoption 
  • GPT-4 simplifies language model training by enabling conversational training, making traditional natural language understanding approaches obsolete and revolutionizing knowledge management.
  • GPT-4’s low-shot training capabilities pave the way for democratizing AI, eliminating the need for specialized training teams and linguists.
  • The combination of GPT-4 with no-code/low-code development tools empowers enterprises to leverage generative AI for automation and improved customer and employee interactions while accelerating the creation of intelligent digital workers.
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Discover the potential and pitfalls of generative AI against a surprising backdrop: Galaxy Quest.

Article by Robb Wilson
3 Ways ChatGPT is a Lot Like Galaxy Quest
  • In the article, the author draws a parallel between ChatGPT and elements from the iconic film Galaxy Quest, finding remarkable similarities.
    • Just like the aliens in Galaxy Quest, GPT has learned from a massive knowledge base, but it doesn’t really know anything.
    • GPT has been exposed to some of the same biases that the film skewers. It will require a lot of dedicated effort by designers and users to strip the bias out of LLMs.
    • In the film, aliens need humans’ help. Despite their expertise in creating technical marvels, they lack the creative abilities needed to use them. The same holds true for AI: it needs humans to guide it and tell it what to do.
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