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Paula Andrea Becchetti

Founding Partner | Strike Contents

I’m a UX writer. Not only am I focused on UX, but also I have several years of experience working with software or tech companies. This means I can translate your technical language into a more colloquial one that everyone understands. In this way, you can easily share your know-how, while generating b2b leads or providing value to developers, attracting new top-notch talent.

In an ever-changing world, businesses need to be ahead of the curve to keep their products competitive: what “ahead of the curve” means for digital products right now?

Product Experience: The Backbone of Your Product’s Success

Answering the question “Who should own product experience?” we have to consider that delivering an outstanding product experience is a goal cross-company.

  • Alignment between the following departments becomes crucial: product, customer support, sales, marketing, product leadership.
  • How PX and CX are aligned? Product experience demands more than ever synergy between product teams and customer-facing teams; loyalty comes from a seamless interaction with the product itself.
  • The primary source of customers’ trust is the personal experience they get from the first-hand usage. Here are three key strategies to improve it.
    1. Data that can be transferred to feedback. There are two main groups of tactics to get consumer feedback: qualitative (interviews and surveys) and quantitative (conversion rate or bounce rate).
    2. Continuous analysis. Here are some things you should keep an analytical eye on – retention, flows, adoption, churn.
    3. Customer engagement or user ever-lasting love. Working with it, you have to consider: in-app user onboarding, intuitive design with proper information, personalization, in-app notifications, or emails.

PX brings special clarity to the inseparable connection between product and customer. Never forget: caring about a performant product is taking care of customers’ interests before anything else. Read the full article for more details on this important concept.

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