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Nour Diab Yunes

Design Consultant and Founder | Femmes Designers

Designer and entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience as a consultant in the design and tech industry, currently based in London. She founded Femmes Designers Ltd, which has grown to 15+ women since its launch in 2022. Femmes Designers is a creative community launched to inspire the next generation of makers while championing the work of artists, designers and scholars interested in how the contemporary arts and design interact with people, science and technology.

Formerly, Nour worked as Service and Interaction Designer at Designit, Sapient and Fjord. Beyond project work, she is deeply passionate about the intersection between art, science and technology, where design can contribute not only aesthetically or within its field of practice, but can also contribute to various layers of daily life, such as to the evolution of behaviour practices, whether social or environmental.

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There is no more significant time to be a designer than the present and no greater reward than creating something new and contributing to the betterment of others, but this also comes with a huge responsibility. As new and emerging technologies evolve at an unprecedented pace, we must ask ourselves: if this pace continues to accelerate, what challenges will we face?

Article by Nour Diab Yunes
Shaping Future Interactions: AI, Ethics, and Robo-Utopia
  • The article proves that collaboration across fields of design, science, engineering, and technology is necessary to create a progressive future.
  • Bias in AI algorithms reflects societal biases and intersectional-centered approaches are necessary to prevent unfair consequences.
  • Advances in technology have allowed us to enhance our physical and cognitive skills, and we are entering a ‘post-human condition’ where our very identity as human beings is being redefined.
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