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Since 2012 Nick Scott has been leading transformational change in the public sector. Most recently, he worked for the Government of Canada as the Di- rector of Innovation Services at the Canada School for Public Service’s Digital Academy. In this role, Nick led the Digital Accelerator Programme, Technology Exper- imentation, User Experience Research, and Learning Events. Formerly, Nick worked at the Government of New Bruns- wick as Executive Director of Open Government and Inno- vation. In this role, he led Innovation and Design Services, established an Innovation Team, a design lab and a public innovation framework, facilitating initiatives addressing mobility, literacy, second language acquisition, natural re- source development, municipal reform, and child protec- tion. Previously in his role as Executive Director of the NB So- cial Policy Research Network, Nick launched the Gov- Maker Conference to explore the theory and practice of open government and public innovation, and co-founded NouLAB; a public and social innovation lab facilitating col- laborative problem-solving across sectors. Nick is a part-time lecturer at the University of New Brunswick where he teaches Technology and Social Change, and Leadership for Social Innovation

*and accelerators, incubators, studios, leadership programs, etc.

There Is No Transformation Without Integration
  • The article covers the whole process of integrating transformation
  • The author unpacks the following ideas:
    • The Journey Outward
    • Campbell’s Model of the hero’s journey
    • Moving from mythological adventure to practical deed
    • Integrating a transformative experience
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There Is No Transformation Without Integration

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