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Michael F. Buckley

Michael F. Buckley is a designer, writer, and thinker. His current position is Director of Brand Strategy at Bloom Media. He is also the founder and Editor of MuseWell, a Medium publication providing resources and information to support creative professionals’ mental health and wellness. Michael’s insatiable curiosity drives his relentless pursuit to explore the complexities of design, creativity, and humanity. With a B.S. in visual communications and a soon-to-be-completed M.S. in information design and technology, Michael continually seeks new ways to gain and share knowledge, experience, and unique perspectives with the world. To explore more of his writing, follow him on Medium at medium.com/@micbuckcreative.

Why does everything look the same?

Article by Michael F. Buckley
Media Overload is Causing Design “Generification”
  • The article explores the impact of streaming media on contemporary design, arguing that the proliferation of personalized content has eroded a shared cultural experience, contributing to a perceived decline in design originality and character.
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The importance of focusing on usability, communication, and relationships over personal preferences and superficial standards.

Article by Michael F. Buckley
The Cost of Obsessing Over Design Perfection
  • The article delves into the danger of design perfectionism, urging designers to prioritize usability and communication over subjective aesthetics.
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