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Matthew Fiore

Senior Experience Architect | Siteworx

Matt has over five years of IT experience with specialization in user experience and user interface design. His project/industry experience includes: financial services, telecom, retail, pharmaceutical, utilities, chemicals, healthcare, and government. He is experienced with system implementation projects with responsibilities including concept development through implementation, testing, and go-live. He has specific expertise conducting user research, creating innovative designs, and setting strong usability standards. Before coming to Siteworx, Matt worked for LexisNexis as a Senior Product Designer where he was responsible for promoting user experience within an overall structure of deliverables that integrated the recommendations of the project team regarding user experience.

A review of the features and UI elements of the Motorola Moto X and the Nokia Lumia 1020, which give an Apple enthusiast pause for consideration.

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User-centered designers and researchers now have the tools and techniques to deliver more personalized (and valuable) experiences than ever before.

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