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Maaike Groenewege

Maaike Groenewege is an independent conversation designer and coach at Convocat.nl in Hilversum, the Netherlands. As a conversation designer, Maaike combines her background in theoretical linguistics, extensive experience in user centered & task-based content, and her passion for the human mind and how we communicate. Maaike has designed conversational interfaces for Dutch chamber of commerce, ABN AMRO bank, Cashew.ai, and did linguistic research for Readspeaker. She currently works as lead conversation designer for Independer.nl. Maaike recently started Convoclub, a platform for knowledge sharing and mentoring specifically aimed at conversation designers. Next to her freelance work, Maaike is very active in the conversational community: she founded Women in Conversational, a Dutch community for people who work in conversational AI, speaks at conferences and is a regular guest lecturer at Dutch universities.

As organizations grow in their conversational maturity, there’s an increasing demand for conversation designers. Explore 7 skills to learn for conversation designers in 2022.


Article by Maaike Groenewege
7 new skills to learn for conversation designers in 2022
  • Conversational design requires far more than having got all your convo design courses nailed, completed all the challenges on VUI-challenge and finished re-reading Pearl, Evanhoe & Deibel and Cohen, Giangola & Balogh for the umptieth time.
  • There is a number of new skills that can up your career as a conversation designer:
    • NLU
    • Entities
    • Entities on steroids: ontologies and graphs
    • Building conversational teams
    • Open source movement
    • Mastering conversational AI platforms
  • It’s time for conversation designers to develop t-shaped profile: specialize in one or two particular conversation design skills and systems , and mastering skills that allow us to connect with people from neighbouring disciplines.
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7 new skills to learn for conversation designers in 2022

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