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Lucy Denton

Senior Product Designer | Dovetail

Lucy is a Senior Product Designer working at Sydney based startup, Dovetail. Dovetail is a qualitative data analysis and research repository tool, aimed to help teams understand their customers and make informed decisions. Prior to Dovetail, Lucy worked at Atlassian for over 5 years where she worked on Jira, the Atlassian marketplace and Hipchat.

Some practical tips on how to engage decision-makers in research.

A stakeholder’s perspective on engaging in research
  • Decision makers should be involved in the research process as much as possible to have full context over who was spoken to and what was learnt during a study.
  • Prioritise decision makers attending as many research sessions as possible to avoid bias from only a small number of sessions.
  • Create opportunities to give and collect feedback. Allow the researchers and the stakeholders to have an open line of communication throughout the process.
  • Consider up skilling and supporting stakeholders in running research projects when needed.

Read the full article to get more details on stakeholder engagement in UX research.

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