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Kevin Suttle

Product Designer and UI Engineer |

With strong roots in user interface, interaction, and experience design, Kevin approaches usability from a holistic, ‘big-picture’ perspective. Ranging anywhere from information architecture, to performance optimization, to hand-crafting UIs for mobile and TV, Kevin’s deep fascination with the way people communicate with technology is what drives him to make things “the way they should be.”

In the past few years, Kevin has been a part of developing engaging content and contextual applications for brands like Pepsi, Honda, Procter & Gamble, and several major medical and higher-learning communities.

An accomplished author, Kevin served as a Technical Reviewer for the Flex 4 Cookbook, was a reviewer for Learning ActionScript 3.0 (2nd ed), was a featured author for O’Reilly Media’s InsideRIA, and is currently a contributor here at UX Magazine.

Kevin is an Adobe Community Professional, and speaks at a number of the top conferences in the industry including Flash and the City, FITC, 360Flex, and OSCON. He’s received numerous accolades, including being listed among the “Top Presentations of the Day” and having the “Most discussed presentation on Twitter” by Slideshare.

Follow Kevin on Twitter (@kevinSuttle), on Quora, and KevinSuttle.com for more.

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