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Kate Matesic

Designer | Say Yeah!

Kate is a multidisciplinary designer, working across interaction design, user research, and service design to deliver inclusively-designed products and services.

User research, as well as a love for experimentation, drive Kate’s design process. She enjoys breaking down systems, and exploring tactics to improve experiences in unconventional ways. This work is all underpinned by human-centred principles and working laterally across disciplines.

You can follow Kate on Twitter @kate_matesic and find more product insights from her on Say Yeah’s Digital Insights blog.

There are so many identities, circumstances, and fluid behaviours that influence your users, on a moment-to-moment basis, and on a longer-term basis.

Share:Intersectionality: a critical piece of your service and product strategy

Personas are great for ‘humanizing’ users. However, you shouldn’t rely on them to define what larger demographic or affinity groups—especially diverse ones—might want.

Share:Understanding users by going beyond personas, demographics, and affinity groups

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