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Julia Anderson

Julia Anderson is a creative technologist improving how conversational AI communicates with humans. When she’s not writing her next story about emerging technology or designing a new user experience, she spends her day collaborating with Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant, as a conversation designer.

Generative AI is making headlines, in the literal sense.

Article by Julia Anderson
5 Reasons to Embrace the Generative AI Hype
  • While some fear generative AI and see it as competition to human effort, it can be used as a collaboration tool.
  • The author describes five ways to adopt generative AI to benefit from it:
    • Use it as a tool for rapid ideation and, therefore, inspiration for creating.
    • Facilitate knowledge management that allows humans to test limitless possibilities AI generates.
    • Personalise experience for customers for building relationships with them.
    • Unload from routine tasks – making time for more sophisticated tasks.
    • Practice collective intelligence – generative Ai is being trained on millions of interactions with people making it a powerful “copilot” in various activities.
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