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Jordan Ratner

Senior Advisor | OneReach.ai

Jordan Ratner is an original founder and former leader of Deloitte’s Conversational AI Practice, overseeing its growth from 2016 – 2020. Jordan is passionate about using AI to transform how businesses solve problems. He has led large-scale implementations of conversational AI solutions within Fortune 500 companies across a wide variety of functions and industries, designed & built hundreds of conversational AI products, and cultivated vendor relationships with many leading conversational AI firms.

An expert’s view on the massive strategic opportunities and potential challenges of leveraging conversational AI solutions

Article by Jordan Ratner
The Disruption of Customer Experience: How Conversational AI is upping UX and CX standards
  • By transforming the way humans interact with technologies and making them more accessible to the public, conversational AI is raising the bar for customer experience.
  • One of the most tangible impacts of conversational AI has been on customer support and sales conversion. Thanks to the automation of conversations, the load on human staff is reduced, which leads to greater customer and employee experience.
  • As technological development advances, more opportunities to make good use of conversational AI will emerge. Nevertheless, it’s also necessary to not underestimate potential challenges related to legacy systems, data availability, shortage of conversational AI specialists.
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If there’s one thing I learned over five years in an AI leadership role with a Big 4 Consulting Firm, it’s that the popular view of Conversational AI misses the point.

Article by Jordan Ratner
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