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Jim Ekanem

Jim is a passionate UX Designer and Usability expert committed to crafting meaningful and user-centered experiences. With a diverse background in industry, freelance work, and research, Jim delves into the ubiquitous interaction between technology and humans. Through his articles and podcast ‘Beyond Pixels and Users’, he strives to inspire and educate fellow designers on co-creating ethical, digital systems that cater to both human and non-human stakeholders. Beyond design, Jim is a strong advocate for holistic well-being and leads ‘Flowing Fitness NL’, a growing fitness community in the Netherlands. More at: https://jimekanem.com

Article by Jim Ekanem
Why We Need 11 Usability Heuristics
  • The article critically examines the 10 Usability Heuristics by Jakob Nielsen, highlighting their limitations in addressing current technological advancements and societal contexts.
  • The author proposes an additional heuristic called “Accessibility and Inclusion” to bridge the gap and emphasize the need for designers to prioritize equal access and consider social identities and biases.
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