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Jason Cottrell

CEO | Myplanet

Jason Cottrell is the Founder and CEO of Myplanet, a software studio that specializes in creating digital experience platforms. Working closely with the world’s leading companies including Google, Salesforce, and IBM, Myplanet creates compelling, technology-driven solutions that address real user needs with a comprehensive, long-term vision for handling business challenges.

AI can optimize pivotal moments of interaction with customers to create market-differentiating experiences.

At Your Service: How AI Will Reshape Customer Service
  • With the growing importance of post-transaction support and competition, AI-powered solutions have become the secret weapons that allow to elevate customer service and increase retention rates.
  • Customers expect enhanced support throughout their purchase journey.
  • AI tools allow increasing consumer comfort and satisfaction by speeding up response mechanisms, collecting relevant data, and supporting product search and discovery.
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