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James Wondrack

James Wondrack is a results-driven, award-winning design leader with 17+ years of experience. He recently joined the team at Effective UI as Lead Experience Architect responsible for facilitating, generating, and executing great user experiences for clients and their end users. Prior to joining EffectiveUI, James helped launched more than 150 websites for financial, consumer, and professional services organizations.

Some of his clients included AT&T, Cisco Systems, Simple Finance Technology Group, First Niagara Financial Group, PBS Kids, ESL Federal Credit Union, Empire Brewing Co., The Glenlivet, Kahlúa, and The Macallan Distilleries. He also served as adjunct professor of Advanced Information Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and is the co-author of “Photoshop IQ.”

By agreeing on a common design taxonomy, practitioners can communicate their ideas more clearly and make certain their work adheres to recognized standards.

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