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Jamal Jackson

Web Developer and Designer | Five Alarm Interactive

Hello, my name is Jamal Jackson. I am a web developer, designer, best-selling author, and respected blogger currently based in the Atlanta area. I began my career in 2008 by starting my freelance company Five Alarm Interactive, primarily working with small local businesses, creating their sole online presence.

I have since been able to be part of great creative teams in the advertising and telecommunications industries, proving my talents as a front end developer and tasteful designer. I am also a full-time student at Georgia State University.

Exploring the commonalities between the starting five on a basketball team and five positions in a UX project.

Article by Jamal Jackson
Share:The UX Team Starting Lineup
5 min read

NBA coach Phil Jackson earned his teams 11 championship wins using leadership techniques that are applicable to user-centered design projects.

Article by Jamal Jackson
Share:Lead Your UX Team like Phil Jackson
6 min read

UX design brings with it some of the same rewards and challenges that come with being a parent.

Article by Jamal Jackson
Share:Treat Your Users Like Children
5 min read

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