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Hi, I’m Nacho Parietti I help design products that drive behavior at ingenious.agency . Over the last 8 years, I have designed and optimized products, on adoption and retention, under a behavioral sciences lens. I’ve learned and evolved some of these applied techniques during my time working for gambling and gaming industries, some from while tens of products for different types of startups, and others while translating research into real products for researchers in leading universities.

If you are interested to learn more, go to behavioraldesignmodels.com or feel free to reach out!

A process to design an MVP using behavioral design. Target behaviors identification and prioritization models.

Behavioral Design Models — Where should you focus your MVP design?
  • The article provides a set of models (simple systems to follow) that will help you get from an idea or concept to an MVP definition:
    • What behaviors to design for
    • How long should you spend trying to solve the problems they propose
  • The objective of the Behavioral Design Models is to find some certainties in this regard and order your goals so that you set a course in an ever-shifting ocean
  • How to define target behavior:
    • List all known actors in a row
    • List all behaviors that show value to each actor in a column
    • Order the behaviors in descending order according to their value to the user. Follow the order defined by the ERG theory of needs
    • Reorder the actors in ascending order of value they receive from the product (the one that gets the least value first)
    • Numerate the behaviors from the resulting table, from left to right and top to bottom
    • The resulting list is the order of target behaviors to tackle
  • Behavioral Design Model is used to estimate and decide how long you will spend with each one of the problems
  • To define design effort within the Behavioral Design Model, estimate how complex it would be to find a suitable solution using only numbers present in the Fibonacci sequence
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