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Domas Markevicius

Domas works at Wix.com for almost 7 years. He designed multiple Wix products in the past, and now leads a team of design system experts. His team provides UI assets and guidelines to the forty different product teams. His job is to understand cross-team-related design patterns well and share the best practices backed by case studies.

Everything you need to know about what makes a button great.

Article by Domas Markevicius
Designing the Perfect Button
  • Buttons are one of the main UI elements in interactive design and most businesses measure their success by button clicks.
  • The author covers the principles for a good button design at Wix:
    • Making a button clear
    • Making a button findable
    • Making a button identifiable
    • Maintaining clear, predictable and simple text
    • Using single icon buttons with caution
    • Minding hierarchy and emphasis
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