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David Sachs

UX Expert | Ci&T

David Sachs works as a UX Expert at Ci&T. With Ci&T since 2004, he has worked as a front-end designer, technical leader, creative supervisor, and creative director. His current focus is on creating software for mobile devices for global clients, including Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Coca-Cola, Sprite, and MetLife. He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and master’s degree in design. Visit hisLinkedIn profile and his Twitter account.

Discover the five strategic pillars that successful UX projects stand on.

Article by David Sachs
Share:The Five Pillars of a Great UX Project
6 min read

With the proliferation of new mobile devices and operating systems, each with specific requirements, an adaptive design strategy creates products that adapt over time.

Article by David Sachs
Share:Using Adaptive Design in the Quest for Future-Proof Designs
6 min read

In any competitive environment, the winning team balances its weaknesses against its strengths and works together to achieve a shared goal.

Article by David Sachs
Share:What Soccer Teams and UX Teams Have in Common
4 min read

The five POs who can create headaches during your project, and how to deal with them.

Article by David Sachs
Share:Know Your Product Owner
5 min read

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