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Dave Vronay

I have worked in the computer field basically forever, since about 1982, from academic research to gaming start-ups to Fortune 10 software companies. My first computer was a Bell Labs CARDIAC. I still have it! I have extensive experience in China. I lived there for more than five years and am very knowledgeable about the software and interaction design industry there, particularly around mobile. I have worked for most of the large tech companies, including Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google in a variety of innovation-focused roles, including social research, finance, and healthcare. I have formed several companies, including the social networking application Heard and the children’s creative play company ImaginEngine. I also have done extensive consulting on UX design and architecture for many large and small companies including DeviantArt and Riot Games. In my down time I have a lot of hobby activities including fiction writing, performance poetry, Search & Rescue, and cinema.

Narrative design is something we rarely read about. But is it even possible for designers to describe a design solution entirely with text? Let’s find out!

Understanding Narrative Design
  • Narrative design is a way of describing a design solution entirely with text by telling the story of how the user would accomplish their job or task without reference to any particular design platform or modality.
  • Narrative designs are very easy for users to understand.
  • Working with narrative design gives an easy framework for assessing the threats and delights in a design separately from the threats and delights of the actual interface components from which the design is created.
  • Narratives are very useful for the development team to validate and estimate dev work against.
  • Once the narrative is complete, validated, and approved, designers can use that to build the detailed design.
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